PCV Bus Driver Training

Passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) bus driving has been a very respectable and gratifying career in the UK. Since years there have been millions of bus journeys every day; making it the most popular and economical mode of transport for thousands of people wanting to get to work, school or other places every day.
With your decision to make a career in PCV bus driving you need to undergo a PCV bus driver training to enhance your driving skills, managing skills and human interaction expertise. This career is the best kind of career for you if you have good communication proficiency and an eye for the future ahead. If you want to become a bus, a minibus or a coach driver, it is mandatory for you to qualify for your PCV driving license which the PCV bus driver training makes it easier for you to get.

PCV Bus Driver License

Getting a PCV bus driver license becomes 90% easier with the intensive training that you are given at driver training schools. You will be required to undergo a major test that determines your capability to hold a CAT-D license and a CPC which is the certificate of professional competence. Based on the laws, without these two important things you will not be authorised to drive a PCV vehicle inside the country.
Your training includes theory where you are learn the rules and regulations of driving, your responsibilities as a driver and good communication skills to deal with people. Then comes the practical part of your training where you learn how to drive a PCV bus or a coach, how to avoid potential hazards on the road and how to meet with emergency situations while on duty. All these theoretical and practical skills get you closer to your license and your CPC.

PCV Bus Driver jobs

Busy cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham are homes to hundreds of cars and vehicles on the road. The traffic conditions don’t allow many people to reach their destinations through their personal vehicles in time and to save themselves the hassle of traffic jams, the trend of taking the bus has taken over the country. It’s easier, cheaper and much more suitable mode of transport. This has raised the demand of PCV bus drivers across the country creating hundreds of PCV bus driver jobs. The government and many other agencies are looking for trained bus drivers to cater the people of the country. These jobs pay up to £30,000 yearly, incentives and benefits aside.